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We have Engineers who are practitioners’ engineers who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in many aspects of the engineering discipline in the flooring industries.


All the flooring technicians and worker are continuously trained and supervised to ensure that the floor you are receiving has proper treatment to achieve your luxury flooring.


Nowadays terrazzo floors are easier to create and also to renovate not least due to the availability of such sophicated floor grinding machine modern diamond tool innovate building materials.


Our experience and detailed knowledge of manufacturing, careful planning & design and latest installation techniques assure our clients durable and cost effective facilities.
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We are offering a wide array of Sports Floor Coatings. This offered coating service is used in tennis court, netball, basketball court, multi-sports lined, handball and indoor.
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The floors throughout an automotive facility have to be incredibly versatile due to the specific needs of each individual area. Whether you need a beautiful high-gloss coating for your showroom
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Epoxy and polyurethane (PU for short) floors are the two most commonly used types of resinous industrial floors. An age old question in our industry is what are the differences between the two types of floors
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We distribute trade and supply the entire Car Park Coating (Epoxy Flooring) in New Delhi, India, which consist of the following: 1) Cementitious screeding of the range of 25mm to 100mm
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These floor coatings are suited for use on suitably prepared concrete floors in a variety of demanding applications such as workshops, car parks, cold storage and food processing facilities.
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Our Latest News

Taj Hi-tech Coatings Private Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1995 as a service provider of Construction Chemicals and Coatings. Our range of services includes Epoxy flooring, Industrial floor coating, Automobile industry, Car parking flooring, floor coating warehouse, terrazzo flooring, flooring repairing & resurfacing.

Cement Terrazzo

Taj Hi-Tech Coating Pvt Ltd introduces cement terrazzo which is defined as a composite material poured in place or precast, consisting of marble chips and other aggregates within a binder material, which is ground and polished floors.

epoxy terrazzo in delhi

Epoxy Terrazzo

Taj Hi-Tech Coating Pvt Ltd introduced Epoxy Terrazzo flooring system in UAE. It is made with a thick epoxy resin mixed with various stone, glass, marble chips, sea shells almost any aggregate imaginable.

waterproofing in delhi

Waterproofing Services

It is critical to use quality waterproofing products, solutions and services for the construction of new homes and offices. One of the main concerns many people face while undertaking construction is finding the right guide as a checklist.

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